Copper Pipe

We specialize in working with
copper pipe.  Especially, repairing
or rerouting slab, ceiling or wall
We are also pros at changing out
your old tired tub/shower valves.
Most times we can do it without
removing tile.  If tile does need
to be removed, we also do Tile
installations and repairs, (as I’m
sure you can tell from some of
the photos on our other
web pages).
We also do repipes to your home
in type L copper pipe.  I have
been in the plumbing trades for
over 22 years and have seen
plastic Pex pipe come and go
several times.  I don’t trust it as
we have done too many repairs to
homes that were repiped with
Pex pipe.  Copper costs a bit
more, but it is tried and true.