Sump Pump Installation Tips By Joe Lara

There are many stages to installing a sump pump.

Here, our expert plumber Joe Lara covers a few of the basics to get you started.

  • You Need a Sump Pit – A sump pit must be dug to create a space large enough and with a diameter sufficient to lift a sump pump down into it. The outlets usually connect at the top and lead upwards, so the space required isn’t much more than the widest diameter of the chosen sump pump.
  • Creating a Sump Pit – A sump pit must be dug by first digging up the floor if it’s already been put in. A jackhammer is required to do this. If the floor is just ground soil, then dig a hole deep and wide enough to house a sump pump. The position of the pit must be over 10 -inches away from the foundation flooring to satisfy building codes.sump pump installation
  • Fitting the Pump – Gravel may or may not need to be added to the bottom of the sump pit. That depends on the manufacturer’s instructions and the particular model. Alternatively, a paver made of concrete may be required instead. A check valve will also need to be fitted to the discharge outlet on the pump using hose clamps.
  • Arranging the Discharge – Some PVC pipe is required which will connect from the check valve to the elbow PVC connector. A pipe will then connect from the PVC elbow to a basement wall that’s part of the foundation. It will be necessary to drill through the rim joist to access the siding on the exterior to place the pipes through. At that point, the exterior pipes can be directed to move the flow to the drainage using more pipes and other connectors, as required.

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