When Should You Get a Video Sewer Line Inspection?

A video sewer line inspection is designed to diagnose and eliminate plumbing problems before they cause septic backup into your home or front yard. After excavating the area and removing a portion of the sewer line, a professional plumber will use a small video camera to examine the inside of your underground sewage pipe for signs of damage or backup. If you’re concerned about the condition of your sewer lines, then consider a video sewer line inspection.

  • Examine Your Old Plumbing

Many homes built during the 1950s have Orangeburg piping in their sewer lines—which is made of tar paper that disintegrates and collapses over time. Be sure to schedule a video sewer inspection with your Mississauga plumber to rule out the presence of Orangeburg pipes.

  • Know What You’re Buying

You don’t want to move into a new or pre-owned home only to have your sewer system break a few weeks later. Hiring a plumbing company to perform a video sewer inspection will not only disclose the condition of your sewer but will also identify any clogs or backups that need to be removed.Video Sewer Line Inspection

  • Problem Indicators

There are several signs that you need to have your sewer lines professionally inspected. Recurrent backups in the drains or toilets indicate a systemic problem with your plumbing. The water will generally look black and have a foul smell. Slowly draining kitchen sinks, bathroom tubs, sinks and showers, surface water in your front yard above the septic tank, and sporadic areas of lush, green grass, or weeds are all symptoms of sewer line disrepair.

Don’t let a small problem turn into a costly repair; if you’re experiencing any one of these signs, then contact your Mississauga plumber as soon as possible.

For the best general plumbing and video sewer line inspections in your area, visit our professional plumbers with Joe lara The Plumber today.

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